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Fatboy Jr Safe


Liberty's FATBOY Jr is the hot priced, wide-body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! The FATBOY Jr. has the same security and fire package as the Liberty Colonial Safe, including 60 minutes of fire protection. Rest assured, when you're looking for a wide-body safe, at a great price, and storing lots of's the FATBOY Jr. by Liberty!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,749
Payments starting as low as $39.79 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 36 customers ratings and reviews

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Fatboy is the answer
written by Happy Wife on January 7, 2018
Limited door entry, maximum gun space. We now have a secure space when family comes over and don't have to keep moving our guns out of house.

written by Mccawleyb on April 29, 2017
I called liberty safe in the young man that answered the phone was so very helpful. Was originally looking at the colonial. But after talking to me for a while he suggested . The fat boy Junior. So I ordered it sight unseen had it delivered and it is perfect love it! Better than expected. I've already sold another one for you guys. Keep up the good work. PS lock myself out of safe all paperwork inside LOL will contact you on May 1 to try to get into my new safe..
Thanks the McCawley family.

Fatboy Jr.
written by Al on January 16, 2017
I was limited on my dimensions and budget, which led me to this safe. So far I have been impressed with it, we will see how it holds up over time and use.

Fatboy Jr / bang for buck
written by JF on September 15, 2016
Good solid safe. Very happy with product.

Mr Michael Wohner
written by Roland on August 6, 2016
Quality and price.

Best Buy
written by Cosmos on July 22, 2016
Best Cost for Size!

Great safe
written by John on March 9, 2016
I found that the fat boy Jr. Is a great safe at a great price . And the safe was the perfect size to go where I wanted it Thanks for every thing. The delivery people went out of there way to explane everything I needed to know.

What a wonderful feeling
written by Pam P on January 10, 2016
The Fatboy Jr safe is awesome. We put it in our bedroom and it fits right in. It is big enough yet not so big that it takes over the room Very pleased with the way it looks with the rest of the bedroom furniture. Best of all my wife loves how she can get into the safe with such ease and pick out the jewelry she wants to wear. She used to hide the jewelry now she doesn't worry about anyone being able to break in and take any of her valuables. We bought the safe at Shooters Supply Louisville Ky and there was a large selection and the sales person was there to help us with our questions but was not trying to pressure us into buying. We probably spent a good hour looking at all the safes and asking questions about them. The Fatboy Jr is the perfect fit for our needs and we couldn't be happier.

best choice for the money and then some
written by TANK on January 5, 2016
My new FATBOY JR. was delivered today and I am impressed. you get a lot of safe for the money. The door is thick and solid, no bend in the corners. the shelves are plenty strong enough to hold thousands of rounds of ammo. I like the re-locker feature that most safes at this price point do not have.

Solid product
written by Brett385 on January 3, 2016
Made in the USA!
Solid construction and fire protection level.
Spend a little extra now so you don't have to upgrade a few years down the road.

written by GRT59 on January 1, 2016

Blevins Gap
written by Tommy T on December 16, 2015

Time to Fill It Up
written by TimThom on December 7, 2015
Looking forward to many years of safe & secure storage of firearms and accessories.
The Fatboy Jr is a perfect size to meet all my needs.

Fatboy Jr
written by Alan on October 8, 2015
A Great safe perfect size for my basement

Fatboy Jr
written by Satisfied on August 22, 2015
I wanted Made in America first and foremost. After looking online and local stores for a couple weeks I decided on Liberty. For what I wanted their prices were the best. The safe builder on their website was also influential. Shooters Supply in Louisville, KY had a great variety and the salesman was very informative. After comparing between 3 models I decided on the Fatboy Jr. Good space, customization inside and the price was right.

written by Stephen on August 12, 2015
I am very excited over my purchase of the Fatboy Jr 48 gun safe. I can rest comfortably knowing my families valuables and firearms are secured in this nice, well built, American made quality safe!

Fatboy Jr
written by Jaydo1 on May 28, 2015
5 stars for the FB Jr.

written by Bishop on February 13, 2015
Just received my safe today. The craftsmanship and the fact I can buy an American product were selling points for me.

Fatboy Jr.
written by Louisville Brewster on February 7, 2015
I've had the safe in my home for a few weeks now and have had the opportunity to give it a thorough inspection. At this point I'm even more impressed with the value of this safe than I was before making the purchase.

I had made numerous visits over a period of several months to different safe retailers comparing different manufacturers, models, features and prices. Although I found other brands that had features I preferred, I always reached the same conclusion; that dollar for dollar, there is no better value than a Liberty Safe. The fit and finish of this safe is much better than the other competitors product in this price range. The door is consistently spaced top to bottom, side to side with no sagging when opening or closing. The interior upholstery is tightly fitted with no wrinkles or short cutting of the fabric at wall to floor or wall to ceiling seams. The mechanical Sargent & Greenleaf combination lock is indexed in white on a black chrome background and is very easy to read even in low light. The locking bolts and handle hub are silky smooth with no binding or hesitation upon rotation. The "flex" interior could be engineered to be a little more flexible in its layout but it's adequate as is. The higher end Liberty models have more interior layout flexibility so it's all relative to the dollars you are willing to spend.

My research of reviews for Liberty Safes convinced me that there is no better customer service reputation than that of Liberty. Do your due diligence, read the Internet reviews for customer service, go to a dealer and lay hands on various models, compare the different manufacturers, their features and prices. I think you'll find Liberty is hard to beat. Also, keep in mind that Liberty is American owned and their safes are made by American workers in America. All of this and a Lifetime warranty to boot! How can you go wrong?

Awesome safe
written by Jacra on January 23, 2015
This safe is perfect in every way for me. Price, quality, accessories and confidence. This is one of those buys you look back on and smile.

The right safe for me
written by BJ- Louisville, Ky,. on January 6, 2015
Great capacity and fire rating for the price. Was recommended by friends and I see why. Looking forward to many years of use.

Fits my needs !!
written by Greg on December 19, 2014
I have only owned this safe for two days, but it is exactly what I expected. It seems to be built well and has plenty of room. The finish on the safe is top quality and the interior seems to be made with quality materials as well.

Fatboy Jr
written by Mark S. on December 10, 2014
I purchased this safe after shopping for several months for a quality safe. Liberty has a great reputation with the added bonus of being made in the USA. This safe is much larger than what I was expecting. It totally emptied out my other safe and I still haven't come close to filling it up. The combo took some time to get the hang of but hopefully whoever tries to crack it will be as ignorant as me on how to operate it. The safe seems well made, very heavy, and has met my every demand. The reason for the four stars is because I haven't had any issues with it or any circumstance where a safe can be tested to its fullest. Thank goodness

Pleased second time around
written by D.K.O on July 22, 2014
The first fatboy jr safe I received had paint & guide-bolt issues noticed after it was already on the second floor in the house. I contacted Liberty; it took a little time to get everything taken care of, but it was worth the wait. The only other issue was that when the second safe was brought into the house, the stair nose on the hardwood floor was broken. All in all, satisfied with my Liberty safe purchase.

written by JOHN SPARKS SR on June 8, 2014
This FATBOY JR is a great safe. Lots of room in side plenty of space. It can be bolted down for more security, but at this much weight good luck moving it! Nobody can just carry it off. I would tell anyone purchasing a safe get the biggest and best one with the most room that's in your budget you won't be disappointed.AS LONG AS ITS A LIBERTY SAFE! I HAVE 2

Excellent Product
written by Roger on April 22, 2014
Excellent product. Attention to quality during the manufacturing process is evident.

Fatboy jr.
written by R on January 30, 2014
I was pleased with the safe itself, however I was very disappointed about the door panel that came with the safe. The dealer wanted me to spend another $200 for the door panel that came with the fatboy. For what I paid for this safe it should have come standard! Other than that good safe.

Please! Look no further for an excellent safe!!!!
written by Janet M.-P. on January 5, 2014
I must start by letting you know I knew absolutely nothing about the purchase of a gun safe. My husband already owned a safe but had repeatedly mentioned his need for another safe. He wanted a manual combination which we found were difficult to find that met his criteria. We had seen many different styles of safes but had never seen a safe he was satisfied with.

Over the past year I had thought of the many different gifts I could get my husband for Christmas 2013 that would really surprise him. So, I started on my quest to find a safe he would love. I researched online for a safe that met his specifications. I read reviews, shopped at the big stores and asked my friends and co-workers if they could recommend a good safe. Names of other manufacturers of safes were bantered about but the Liberty name kept popping up.
I was feeling a bit frustrated because Christmas was a little more than a month away and still no safe. We happened to receive a sales booklet in the newspaper from a local store, Shooters Supply in Louisville, Ky. They had advertised a Liberty Fatboy Jr. safe with a manual or digital combination. I casually asked my husband to look at the ad to get his reaction about the safes that were on sale. He definitely liked the safes they had advertised.

I went on line and researched the Liberty Safe Company. The reviews were amazing. That was it. I purchased the Fatboy Jr. 48 gun safe from Shooters Supply in Louisville, Kentucky.

My husband absolutely loves his gift. It was delivered without any problems by a company recommended by Shooters Supply, Remarkable Movers. They did a superb job installing the safe.

If anyone has any doubt about buying an excellent safe, please look no further than the Liberty Safe Company. You will not be disappointed!!!

Excellent Purchase
written by Bowman on December 24, 2013
Nothing but positive things to say about the safe. Personal transportation is tough, so I would recommend professionals because of the weight of the unit. Nonetheless, we got it home and am certainly pleased with my purchase.

Fatboy Jr.
written by Vic on December 7, 2013
Excellent safe. Buy American, Buy a Liberty!!!

Fatboy Jr - stop debating and GET IT ! You will NOT regret it.
written by Fatboy Jr in Louisville on April 11, 2013
If you have the room on a first floor for the Fatboy you will absolutely have enough room for just about anything you want to put in it. If you are trying to put a safe in your basement and have limited clearance to fit a "big" safe through the doorway/stairwell then the Fatboy Jr. is definitely the way to go. That was my problem, clearance through the doorway and I wasn't going to tear out walls to get a bigger safe down the stairwell. The Fatboy Jr. has all of the top notch quality and workmanship you would expect out of a Liberty Gun Safe. Very solid door, solid bolt and drive action, excellent lock, a safe that you won't be second guessing yourself on after the purchase or wishing you had bought something else. Try to find a dealer/store and go look at one. You will definitely come away with a very positive outlook on buying one. I don't regret purchasing a Fatboy Jr. other than I wish I had bought one way before now.

Fatboy Jr.
written by Jack Daniels on November 28, 2012
It suits me.

Perfectly Satisfied
written by Matthew on November 21, 2012
I did a lot of shopping for safes and finally bought the Liberty Fatboy Jr. It was just delivered today. I feel it is of very high quality and I am perfectly happy with my purchase. I was originally going to buy the Liberty Revere 23, but after hearing from many people that the most common mistake people make is buying a safe that is too small, I bought one bigger than what I need right now. Glad I did. Bought safe from Shooters Supply in Louisville, Ky and they were excellent to deal with. Very knowledgeable. Thanks Liberty for making a great safe.

Fatboy Jr.
written by GRG on November 20, 2012
Great safe for the money. Doesn't have
the high gloss paint like a Browning or a
Ft. Knox, but all that is fluff really.
The Liberty FBjr has it where it counts.

written by JAMES on October 20, 2012

Awesome Safe!
written by Kevin on September 25, 2012
Awesome safe for the price!